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Curing Agent Bucket Epoxy Hardener Barrel

Curing Agent Bucket Epoxy Hardener Barrel

Curing Agent Bucket Epoxy Hardener Barrel


1  FOB Price Get Latest Price (Sample Available)
2 Applications Chemicals Buckets, Paints  Buckets, Edible Oils  Buckets, Lubricants  Buckets, Hi-tech Coatings  Buckets, Roofing Mastics  Buckets and Adhesives  Buckets,Railroad Spikes  Buckets, Driveway Sealers  Buckets, etc.
3 Interior Can Linings  Interior Lining Available
4  Certification (1).Full lithography is available for bodies.

(2). 100 percent recyclable.
5  Minimum Order 5,000  buckets
6 Certification ISO, FDA, Audit reports, SGS ects.
7  Delivery time 30-35 days after sample approved
8 Ability  Custom Order is Acceptable,Any shape and designs are available, customers' logos and artwork can be printed or embossed on boxes.
9 Advantages We are the real manufacturer and supplier,we own five factories and have our own metal sheets printing company,good for cost and quality control. Furthermore,with more than 10 years' experience,we become one of the main manufactures in China.
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