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 Top Ten Beer Brands in the World

(Article is provided by the China Metal beer ice buckets manufacturer)


        Beer is a magical drink, she is like a hot and gorgeous girl who is popular among men arrange from 18 to 81 or maybe older and older. She is not like whiskey which feels so spirit that seems not very friendly to most individuals. I am sure that most friends have their favorite beer brand, such as Budweiser Beer, Heineken Beer, or Corona Extra, etc. But do you know that how many kinds beer brands in the world? Do you interest in searching more delicious and cooler beer? Today I will introduce the world top ten popular beer brands.

       Top 1: Budweiser beer

       Budweiser is a pale lager produced by Anheuser–Busch InBev. Introduced in 1876 by Adolphus Busch it has grown to become one of the highest selling beers in the United States, and is available in over 80 markets worldwide. It is made with up to 30% rice in addition to hops and barley malt. Budweiser is produced in various breweries located around the world. It is a filtered beer available in draught and packaged forms.  

      Top 2: Heineken beer

      Heineken Lager Beer was first brewed by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1873. The beer is made of purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. In 1886 H. Elion finished the development of the Heineken A-yeast, which is still used in the brewing process today

      Top 3: Corona Extra beer 

      Corona Extra is a pale lager produced by Cervecería Modelo in Mexico for domestic distribution and export to all other countries besides the United States, and by Constellation Brands in Mexico for export to the United States. The split ownership is a result of an anti-trust settlement permitting the merger of Grupo Modelo with Anheuser Busch InBev. It is one of the top-selling beers worldwide. Outside of Mexico, Corona is commonly served with a wedge of lime or lemon in the neck of the bottle to add tartness and flavor.

       In the United States, Corona Extra is the top selling imported beer

       Top 4: Guinness beer 

       Guinness is a popular Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness (1725–1803) at St. James's Gate, Dublin. Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. It is brewed in almost 60 countries and is available in over 100. Annual sales total 850 million liters (1.5 billion imperial or 1.8 billion US pints).

        A feature of the product is the burnt flavour that is derived from roasted unmalted barley, although this is a relatively modern development, not becoming part of the grist until the mid-20th century. For many years a portion of aged brew was blended with freshly brewed beer to give a sharp lactic flavour. Although the Guinness palate still features a characteristic "tang", the company has refused to confirm whether this type of blending still occurs. The draught beer's thick, creamy head comes from mixing the beer with nitrogen when poured. It is popular with Irish people both in Ireland and abroad, and, in spite of a decline in consumption since 2001, is still the best-selling alcoholic drink in Ireland where Guinness & Co. makes almost €2 billion annually.


        Top 5: Efes Pilsen beer 

        Efes Beverage Group was founded in Turkey in 1969, and today consists of sixteen breweries in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia, with headquarters in Istanbul. Named after the ancient city of Ephesus(Turkish, "Efes") located near the İzmir brewery, the company is a subsidiary of Anadolu Group. The group is market leader in Turkey, in Moldova and in Georgia, has second rank in Kazakhstan, third rank in Serbia and fourth rank in Russia. The group has serious market share in Belarus and began production in Germany under license recently.

       As the 8th most popular European brand by sales volume and the 5th largest European brewer on combined production basis, the company owns a cumulative capacity of 34 million hectoliters and six maltings with a combined capacity of 236,500 tonnes. The group is 12th rank in the world beer market.


        Top 6: Yuengling beer 

        D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewing company in the United States, established in 1829. It is one of the largest breweries by volume in the country. Based on sales in 2011, Yuengling was tied with the Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams brands, as the largest American-owned brewery. Its headquarters are in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.Yuengling produces about 2.5 million barrels annually, operating two Pennsylvania facilities, and a brewery in Tampa, Florida.


        Top 7: Kingfisher Premium Lager beer 

         Kingfisher is an Indian beer brewed by United Breweries Group, Bangalore. The brand was launched in 1978. With a market share of over 36%, it is currently available in 52 countries outside India. The Heineken Group holds 37.5% equity shares in United Breweries Ltd.


        Top 8: Kingfisher Premium Lager beer 

        San Miguel Brewery, Inc., a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation, is the largest beer producer in the Philippines, with a market share of over 95% as of 2008. It has five breweries spread across the country producing eight beer brands, led by its flagship brand San Miguel.


        Top 9: Sam Adams beer 

        Samuel Adams is an American brand of beer brewed by the Boston Beer Company (NYSE: SAM) and its associated contract brewers. The company was founded in 1984 by Jim Koch, Harry M. Rubin, and Lorenzo Lamadrid in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The brand name of Samuel Adams (often abbreviated to Sam Adams, even in advertisements), was chosen in honor of Samuel Adams, an American patriot famous for his role in the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party. According to tradition, he was also a maltster. Based on sales in 2011, the Boston Beer Company is tied with Yuengling for the largest American-owned beer maker.


          Top 10: Carlsberg beer

          The Carlsberg Group is a Danish brewing company founded in 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen with headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's flagship brand is Carlsberg Beer (named after Jacobson's son Carl) but it also brews Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Somersby cider, Russia's best selling beer Baltika, and Grimbergen abbey beers as well more than 500 local beers.

          After merging with the brewery assets of Norwegian conglomerate Orkla ASA in January 2001, Carlsberg became the 5th largest brewery group in the world. It is the leading beer seller in Russia with about 40 percent market share. In 2009 Carlsberg ranked 4th and employed around 45,000 people.


(Article is provided by the China Metal beer ice buckets manufacturer)