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Tin box making communication in Germany


edit:tin box factory in China


One of the biggest tin box tin can manufactories--Guangdong Dadi Weiye Packing Industrial Limited was invited to Fortuna Dusseldorf German for attending the German international metal packaging can exhibition by China Packaging Federation Metal Container Association. Under the secretary general Zhang Hong’s organizing, all the group had visited the Bohr can factory which was among the world's top three on two or three pieces can manufacture. Bohr can factory’s annual capacity had exceed 4 billion.

Guangdong Dadi Weiye Packing Industrial Limited had being in metal printing and can making packaging industry about 20 years. In metal printing, he had introduced the Fuji double color printing machine which was the top technology machine in metal printing. In can making, he had introduced several automatic production lines and food-grade dust-free production workshop. His main products are tin box, tin can, tin tray, edible oil box, ice bucket, gift box, paint tin can, wine tin can, pencil box, sweet water box, food tin box and so on! Welcome to visite and guide us!

Key Work: tin box making, tin box communication, tin can skill, tin can skill exchange