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Home > Dadi Weiye “June 1st” Activity --International Children’s day

Dadi Weiye “June 1st” Activity

--International Children’s day 

Children are countries’ future, give them a health and happy environment to grow up is very important. 

As a responsible company, we held a big activity in our company’s playground with our whole community. 

This activity was held at night on May 31st , nothing could stop us even a big storm. There were over 100 parents and children attended to this event, the whole area were covered by laughing and happiness. Our Vice President Mrs. Ouyang and Mr. Huang also came to this event, had a very good time with everyone.  


We arranged several games and some performances for the children. I would like to introduce you “Chair Fight”, the winner has to get the last only one chair; “Jumping Rabbits” , children have to jump like a cute little rabbit with a big bag between their legs, who crosses the line first when wins; “Basketball Pal”, two kids have to hold the basketball by their waist, which two cross the line first and without any dropping, they win and so on. At the end of the activity, we prepared some metal tray for every child, children like them very much.

It was so happy to see everyone’s smile. No matter how tired we were, how many things we need to prepare before the event, how late we stayed and how much we had to clean up after the event, but it’s just worth it.

Wish everyday is like children’s day, wish you every day has a big smile on your face, wish you happy everyday.